How to play PPT presentations on iPod

Have some PowerPoint presentations that you would like to share with your office colleagues or friends? Off course, these days various smartphones are capable of playing presentation files without any hassle. However, when it comes to iPod, Apple has put some restrictions to playing such files. Here comes the real problem. How would you be able to transfer or convert these presentation files to make them play on iPod?

The answer is simple. If you’ve a perfect PowerPoint to iPod converter then everything is all set and you’re high on the rock. In this tutorial, I’ll be guiding you on playing PPT presentations on iPod with the help of Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro which basically coverts PPT presentations to a DVD video.

The software is absolutely free and is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista etc.

Download Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro

Steps to convert and play PPT presentations on iPod

  1. Download and Install Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro
  2. Run Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro and select “create video files”.
  3. Click on Add to add your presentation files.
  4. Now, select your presentation files which you would like to add.

WonderShare PPT To DVD

  1. Click on next to configure the right settings for iPod.
  2. As you click on next, an option window will appear.
  3. Click on format drop down in video settings area.

PPT To Video

  1. Select right iPod device from the drop-down.
  2. Clicking on the config will allow you to customize the video and audio preferences.
  3. Similarly, you can play around with playback options and advanced options to fit your needs.

Converting PPT

  • Finally, click on next to set up a directory to save final output files.
  • Once, you’re done with setting up directory, hit start and the software will start converting PPT presentations.

Exporting to iPod

  • As soon as the conversion is done, connect your iPod to computer and run iTunes.
  • Drag and drop the recently converted PPT presentations to iTunes library.
  • Click on file > Update iPod and you’ll have the PPTs in video format.

Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro is capable of converting PPT presentations to almost all kinds of video formats. Interestingly, Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro also coverts PPT presentations into videos without changing animations, transitions, sounds and effects. The same set of steps will also allow you to covert and transfer PPT presentations to iPhone, Apple TV and various other media enabled mobile phones.

Give it a try and do let me know your experience with Superior WondersharePPT2DVD Pro in the comments below.

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