What are the benefits of PMP certification

Project Management Professional or PMP Certification has earned a reputation in the recent years for the value-added services that it provides to its trainees. Once you have cleared the Project Management Institute’s examinations, there is no looking back for you.

What are the benefits of PMP certification

Many have come-up with the query, what extra advantage does a PMP Certificate provide which your experience in an industry or sector cannot? Well! The below listed points, will explain and educate on the benefits of PMP Certification:

  1. With an accreditation in your resume, you certainly command a better payroll.
  2. You are a certified expert in a field which ascertains that you will hold a superior position than the one without a credential.
  3. This endorsement gives a breakthrough to your career and development opportunities.
  4. You learn more extensively about your field and evaluate new concepts on the problem-solving requirements.
  5. With this experience to your credit you can also be a worthy instructor and adviser to your subordinates.

There are several reasons why an organization chooses to hire a PMP Certified candidate. Some of which are:

  1. For getting a PMP certificate one has to have an experience of at least three years as a Project Manager. This is an assurance for the firm that they are hiring someone with considerable experience.
  2. The course concentrates its scrutiny over the major areas of engagement which are, commencing also phrased as breaking the ice, strategizing, overseeing, administering and sealing. These are the core areas that determine the efficiency of a manager.
  3. This is an internationally recognized credential; hence it holds value across the world. Hiring individuals with such acknowledgement enhances to the reputation of the firm.

Once you have acquired a recognized and distinguished certificate, it gives you the confidence to carve the pathway to your goal. But one needs to work hard to earn this certificate; it has certain rules and requirements that should be met with proficiently.

  1. You have to pass through the test to prove your credibility for the course, which also includes experience as a project manager or a high-school diploma.
  2. The test will assess your skills in the fields of project integration, time management, crisis management and similar such. Therefore having hands on experience will aid you in answering the issues best.
  3. The course includes massive hours of study and project related work. Therefore, you get to learn new things but need to consolidate all your focus on it.

Therefore, when planning to take up this course, make sure you have pulled up your socks for the conquest. If you need to download free certificates and diploma templates for PowerPoint 2010 or 2013, then you can use this free editable certificate PowerPoint template.

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