How to open your PowerPoint .ppt presentation in Kindle

Kindle is a great tool for students allowing them to carry with the presentations in a digital format instead of the printed handouts. We can use Kindle to read the presentations that the teacher is presenting on the projector. However, porting a PowerPoint to Kindle may not be straightforward as you originally thought.

Here we will explain a simple method that will help to convert your PowerPoint presentations to a format readable by Kindle and then open it in your ereader.

The short version will be that basically we will convert the PPT to PDF format and then upload or transfer to the Kindle reader.

Open your PowerPoint in Kindle

In order to do this, you can open either Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint or the open source alternative OpenOffice and then save your PowerPoint presentation to PDF format. Alternatively you can use any other conversion tool from PPT to PDF. For this purpose you can use PrimoPDF or any other free alternative.

Then, you can connect your USB cable to your Kindle and browse for the documents folder. Copy the just generated PDF into the documents folder and then open the Kindle Launcher. You will see the new PDF document (the presentation) saved there, and tagged as NEW.