How To Make An Effective B2B Sales Presentation

B2B or Business-to-Business sales is tougher than B2C (Business-to-Consumer). This is because you are not selling a product or service to novice users with a caveat emptor approach but industry experts who would be more demanding than the average Joe.

With all due respect to common consumers, B2B is tougher because you are dealing with people who not only know about their business but also the secrets of the industry. For instance, a common consumer might be happy with a laptop that can run all the necessary basic programs and files like Office applications like PowerPoint, browsers, videos, etc. On the contrary, if you’re selling a solution to a business, they might require more demanding hardware and operating system security, with military grade encryption, customized applications and a backup mechanism with a hosted co-location.

Effective B2B sales presentation

To be able to effectively sell your products or services via B2B you will probably have to start with a killer presentation. An infographic by Jazz Factory effectively shows you some of the essential aspects to consider when delivering a B2B Sales Presentation. Based on the core concepts of this infographic we have listed 6 tips that show you How to Make an Effective B2B Sales Presentation.

1. Know Your Client’s Needs

For your client, time is money and wasting it says it all about how likely you are to bag a sale. Your client isn’t interested in how good your company is what they want to know is if you have what it takes to give them what they need. It is therefore necessary to spend some time to know your client. You might have to dig into secondary data and even nudge a few people to ask them about your client. The point is; spend some time to know your client and do your homework before you end up presenting your B2B sales presentation.

Know your client

2. Don’t Clutter Your Presentation

Remember drawing something as a child where no one could make out where the drawing starts and ends? That’s how many B2B presentations can end up like. It is advised to use a good B2B presentation template and not to clutter your slides with too much unwanted information. You do not want to bore your audience to death by telling them how good you are. Moreover, running through your slides isn’t going to win you any sales contracts, as you need to convince a potential client that you are good enough for the task at hand.

Dont clutter your presentation

3. Engage Your Audience

The best way to make sure your audience remains awake during your sales pitch is to engage them. You can introduce some questions and activities during your presentation to keep them interested. For instance, after presenting an idea you can ask your audience to respond if there are any additional needs that they might want you to address or any custom demands. It is all too common for businesses to ask for custom solutions when acquiring B2B services. Hence, there is no harm in asking your client about their needs to show a genuine interest in their needs.

4. Gain Their Trust

You need to be able to make your audience trust you. This entails looking at potential pitfalls and acknowledging realistic possibilities. For instance, every web hosting service gives a 99% uptime guarantee. Emphasizing the fact that there might be a service disruption in such a case is all too realistic, however, if you can convince the audience that their data will be safe and any disruption is likely to be insignificant, you can earn their trust.

Gain audience trust

5. Don’t Go Overboard

There is always the risk of going overboard in a B2B sales presentation. This is because it can be tempting to expand the scope of your pitch beyond the client’s requirements. Furthermore, there is always the temptation to brag about your achievements. These are two things you can easily skip, unless you have a killer idea to expand the scope of offered services that can be valuable for the client. In other words, keep it simple and try to convince your audience how you intend to address their needs.

Dont go overboard with your slides

6. Ask Questions

As mentioned earlier, this is a good way to ensure audience engagement. Asking questions shows your sincerity in trying to do your best for your client. Furthermore, not asking questions can make you seem rude. Yes, you might end up alienating your audience by giving them a presentation from an outsider’s perspective, leading them to believe that you are trying to be over-assertive.

Ask questions from your audience

B2B Sales Presentation Infographic with 6 Golden Rules

To remember the golden rules mentioned above, you can always refer to the simple Jazz Factory infographic given below.


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