How to Lose Stage Fear during PowerPoint Presentations

Many people have been experimented stage fear while delivering a presentation.  But the important part is how you manage to overcome your stage freight. Some people manage to overcome the fears while others tend to spoil their presentation due to intemperance leading to further degradation of their fragile self-confidence.

Stage Fear during PowerPoint Presentations

Major causes behind stage fear

  1. Inadequate preparation is one of the prominent cause behind this fear.
  2. Some people get nervous due to the anxiety of being judged.
  3. Lack of proper knowledge and competence is also amongst one of the main reason of stage freight.
  4. Negative past experience or unfamiliarity with the audience are some other major causes behind sage fear.

It is important to timely overcome all your fears if you ought to deliver an impressive and successful presentation.

Follow the upcoming steps listed in the subsequent section to reduce your anxiety

Prepare well before delivering a presentation

Prior to deliver a presentation, it will be good if you develop an interest in its topic. This will help in concentrating more and also help in conquering the fear.

Do not cram your Topic

If you cram a topic, high possibilities are  that you forget some important points due to stress and tension of delivering a presentation. So, keep you cool and concentrate on key points.

Stay calm

Calm down before starting a presentation. For this you can sit comfortably, have some water, take a deep breath and start with the presentation.

Admit your Stage Fear before your audience

You might be thinking that how can this help in overcoming fears? Well, recognizing your weaker points will help in dispelling your tensions making you more calm and relaxed. Normally, this helps in gaining audience sympathy after which they start concentrating more on your presentation. Once you have disclosed your fear, do not allow it to overpower your mind. Just go with the flow and start your presentation.

Take help of Notes

Every PowerPoint slide comprises of a “click to add notes” section present at the bottom of slide. You can simply add key points and notes that are essential in delivering a successful presentation.

Generate attention

Ask simulating questions; make your presentation informative and entertaining.

Convert your nervousness into your strength

You can convert your stage freight into your strength by harnessing it and then transforming it into enthusiasm and liveliness.

It has been rightly said that experience can do wonders. Henceforth, it is advised that you make a good practice by delivering effective presentations and gain experience from your prior mistakes.

Best way to overcome your stage fear in public speaking presentations or PowerPoint presentations is to confront it bravely. The more you deliver a thriving performance, more are your chances to break through your presentation phobia.