How to insert Youtube videos in PowerPoint

If you’ve got an internet connection, you can embed or link Youtube videos in your PowerPoint presentation. You only have to get sure that you will be able to use a good Internet connection in the place you’re going to show your work.

First of all, We will have to change some basic options. To do that, go to View, Toolbars, Control Toolbox and then, More Controls. Look for ”Shockwave Flash Object”. Then, you will have to draw a box. Right click and select ”Properties” -> ”Custom”. How to insert Youtube videos in PowerPoint

Copy the Youtube URL into the box, but delete ”watch?” sign an add ”.swf”. It should be like this:



Uncheck ”embed movie” box. And it’s done!

You should be watching your video directly from your PowerPoint Presentation.

Youtube videos are a very good tool, and it will help you to explain your presentations in a very easy and simple way.

If you’re not sure you are going to have an internet connection, you can use a lot of webs to convert your favorite Youtube videos into AVI format, like Remember that you will need to have the video in the same folder as the presentation, or it won’t work.

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