How To Effectively Eliminate Filler Words?

While delivering a speech at work, a PowerPoint presentation or in several forums, the use of Errs, Ahhs, Umms can be the norm for some people. Because, this is the way a speaker gives him or herself an adequate time to think of the words they want to use. The problem is your Ahh and Umm can be distracting for your audience as they are present there because they are interested in listening to your topic and your experience.

Effectively Eliminate Filler Words

You may be an expert in your field but a lot of Ahhing and Umming will be disturbing during your performance. According to the recent research, it is found that an occasional Umm can increase the audience’s memory for that particular word that comes after Umm. But, too many filler words can also reduce the credibility of the speaker. Thus, here are some things that you need to consider to avoid these annoying words so that you can impress the audience with your knowledge:

  • In order to be effective at stopping this habit, you have to focus on something positive that you can do. What acts as an alternative to using a filler word is chunking. It is talking in short chunks of words with breaks in between the chunks. When you chunk, you get into a rhythm of burst of words. Then, you just have to focus on it and certainly, your um’s will go.
  • To eliminate the filler words, first you have to notice them. Because, the presenter who is delivering a presentation might not notice those words as an issue. So, it is highly recommended to notice your Um or Err during practice sessions.
  • If you are delivering a formal presentation or speech then you actually have the opportunity to organize your material. Taking the time to layout your content will certainly help you to eliminate the filler words during the delivery of speech or presentation.
  • Once you become aware of your use of filler words, try to eradicate them by speaking the filler word silently in your head and then continuing with what you were about to say. Most of the time, filler words can be eliminated without inducing any gross grammatical errors.
  • You can even increase your awareness by listening to yourself during a telephonic conversation and then count the use of ‘um’, ‘uh’. If they are greater than 2 in two minutes then time has come for you to work on modifying your habit.

Until the filler words are no longer a part of your working vocabulary, practice these techniques every day. Learning to eliminate your filler words will have a great impact on your speech and you will subsequently sound more professional.

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