How To Download Microsoft Word For Free

Last updated on July 28th, 2023

Microsoft Office applications are the most sought after programs and Microsoft Word is no exception. However, whether you are looking to acquire the Microsoft Office suite or a specific application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it can be quite expensive to buy a copy for yourself. Nonetheless, you can get MS Word for free using a few simple and legal methods.

Download MS Word Free Trial

The easiest way to download Microsoft Word for free is to download the free trial. For example, you can get Microsoft Word 2013 for free by downloading MS Office 2013 free trial. It is legal and this version provides a full-featured version of MS Word 2013 and other MS Office applications on a 60-day trial basis.

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How To Download Microsoft Word for Free

Free Microsoft Word Viewer

Microsoft Word Viewer is a free tool for viewing and printing MS Word documents. While it does not allow editing files, you can easily view and print documents from Microsoft Word formats like Doc and Docx, as well as formats like RTF, TXT, HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML, WPS, and XMl files. While you cannot change or save documents, it is a good free application for reading MS Word files, without the need for buying Microsoft Word or the entire MS Office suite.

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Word Viewer

Apply For A Microsoft Office Free Upgrade

If you already have a copy of MS Word and need to upgrade for free, then you can sign up for a free upgrade. In an earlier post we brought you details about how you can upgrade from MS Office 2010 to MS Office 2013 for free. Such offers are periodically made available and can help you get a free upgrade for MS Office applications.

Apply For A Microsoft Word Free Upgrade

Get Free Software via Microsoft DreamSpark

DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that provides access to Microsoft software for educational and research purposes. If your institute has a DreamSpark subscription, you can get Microsoft applications and operating systems for free. This programs allows currently enrolled students to obtain and install Microsoft software on their personal computers for free (e.g. MS Office applications). To find out more about DreamSpark, see the below link.

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Microsoft DreamSpark

Get Free Software via Microsoft BizSpark

Like DreamSpark this is another Microsoft program that offers free software for startups and visionary entrepreneurs. However, BizSpark is not just limited to free software as you can also get cloud computing, support to grow your business, as well as access to network partners and investors.

Microsoft BizSpark

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