How to Create a Quarter Circle in PowerPoint

A quarter circle is a useful graphic which helps us divide information in 4 categories and create correlations. Today we are going to show you how to create a quarter circle in Powerpoint using the Pie Chart Tool.

chart quarter circle

You can create a simple quarter circle using the Pie Chart.

To create a Pie Chart go to Insert > Ilustrations >Charts > Pier Charts. Then you can create four categories and give each one a 25% of the circle, then just hide the categories.

Another good alternative if you don’t want to use the previous approach is to do the same Pie Chart as before and now Copy the Chart, then Edit > Paste special, and choose a Picture. Then Click Ok. Now you can Ungroup this image in 4 separate semi circles.

Alternatively, you can create a quarter circle in PowerPoint using editable shapes, not as a chart.