How To Create Thanksgiving Place Cards For Your Guests

Events such as weddings, family holidays, formal galas, birthdays, anniversaries, and thanksgiving dinners are memorable and should be planned with care. These events need to flow smoothly so that the hosts will succeed in their plans and the guests will feel special. They will go home from your event talking about how great it was and look forward to the next.

Create Multiple Thanksgiving Cards for Your Guests

This article will show how to create Thanksgiving place cards for your guests. As a holiday tradition, Thanksgiving dinners are one of those times of the year when family and friends get together on the table, give thanks for their blessings, and share a sumptuous meal. The template above are an easy way to create a personal touch to your Thanksgiving while making your guests feel special with their own seating place cards.

Conveniently Create Ten Place Cards in One Page

Add a Personal Touch on Your Next Thanksgiving Dinner

This place cards template is a Word Template that is compatible with later and even earlier versions. It includes ten place cards with dimensions of 3-1/2″ x 2″ in every page. It also works with Avery 5371, 8371, and 8871.

The Thanksgiving Place Cards Template has an unmistakable Thanksgiving theme, with autumn leaves stylistically placed to create a border for each place card. With the autumn leaves prominent in the template, you can also use this place cards template to suit other fall-themed occasions, even formal Halloween events.

Simply Type in Your Own Guest Names to Create Your Own Place Cards

Personalize Even More With Customization Options

To create your own Thanksgiving place cards, simply edit the sample names of the template. Click on each sample name and type the name of each of your own guests. If you have more than ten guests, simply copy and paste the template to another page, or simply edit the names as you finish printing each page of place cards.

Be Creative and Customize Your Own Place Cards

You can also express your creativity with this simple template by modifying the Format and Design of the images. You can also change the font style, size and color to match your theme, if you have one.


This template has been removed at, however, you can download another place card template given below.

Go to Download Thanksgiving Place Cards for Your Guests (Alternative Template)

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