Animated 3d PowerPoint

Animated 3D PowerPoint Templates and graphics can make your slides easy to present and visually appealing. Adding a three dimensional look to diagrams and PowerPoint layouts can enable you to present more content on limited space, as well as make it possible for you to present your slides in style.

From the posts in this section you can download animated 3d templates for PowerPoint and learn how to customize them for making your presentations special.

Dramatic 3D Text PowerPoint Template


Sometimes, for a presentation to be compelling and memorable, all you have to do is to add some drama. When we say drama, it means adequate use of presentation effects and animations to catch the eye of your audience, and even take their breaths away.

Free Floating 3D Transparent Rectangles For PowerPoint


There are many themes and effects available for PowerPoint presentations. Therefore, you need to choose something that best represents your topic, branding, purpose, and even your personality. Also, your theme should be something that attracts the attention of your audience and keeps them interested in your content. There should be a delicate balance of aesthetics …

Awesome 3D Dice Rolled Shapes For PowerPoint Presentations

Example of dice clipart used in a slide

If you want your recreation presentations to look professional yet eye-catching, you should use presentation templates and elements that make your presentations stand out. You can use cliparts to personalize your already existing presentations or further customize your presentation templates. Paired with interesting, textured backgrounds, these clipart images bring much more awesomeness to your presentations. 

How To Create A 3D Picture Flip Book in PowerPoint

Easy-to-Follow Instructions for Intermediate Users

For those involved in publishing, magazines, books, and similar industries, creating presentations that closely echo their line of work may be challenging. Aside from remaining visually interesting, your presentations should also be highly informative. Thus, writers, publishers, editors, and many others may find this PowerPoint Presentation Template below very useful for creating 3D flip book …

Amazing Four Part Teardrop Graphic Template For PowerPoint

Beautifully Designed 3D Graphic Slide Template

Presentations need not be boring as long as you know the many tips and tricks to catch and engage your audience’s attention. Aside from making your presentation clutter-free and using one image to sell your idea, your presentations should also tell a story, making your audience willing to learn and get something from it.

Widescreen Multi Image SlideShow Template For PowerPoint

Showcase Your Photos Using This Animated Template

PowerPoint still prevails as the leading presentation platform widely used in business, education, and even for presenting personal project proposals. For someone who uses presentations regularly, you may know the importance of keeping your audience interested and engaged. By employing various public speaking techniques and creating interesting presentations, you can convey your message more effectively. 

Free PowerPoint Template With Movie Theater Sign Effect

Give Your Own Film or Play That Hollywood Effect

For professionals working in the film and theater, television and generally the entertainment industry, presentations are many a times a requirement. Presentations are used in pre-production and storyboard meetings, as well as in brainstorming activities. Presentations are also necessary if a producer would want to get investors for the film by creating a business proposal …

Animated Blocks PowerPoint Template

Building blocks are a good method for teaching children new words and concepts, interestingly, the same can be done with your audience with the help of the Block Tower Toolkit. This is a PowerPoint Template which provides a set of building block animations to help you reveal your slides with the help of your 3D …

Solve 3D Cube Puzzle Templates For PowerPoint

3D puzzles can be used in presentations for various reasons. You can use 3D cube puzzles for making presentations about games, business strategy, complexity of a business process, art related presentations and the like. Previously, we showed you how to create a 3D box in PowerPoint; this time we will provide you with some 3D …

Business Presentation Template For PowerPoint With Animated 3D Graphs

Anticipating success and failure is a vital part of business planning, whether it is the success or failure of business initiatives taken by the company you work for or competitors. Showing forecasts and reports depicting business success and failure can perhaps be less tense and more interesting if one uses a novel idea, such an …