How to Convert Prezi to PowerPoint

Let’s say that you have created a nice Prezi presentation using any of the free Prezi templates and themes with animations and awesome effects, but at the end of the day you just need to get back to PowerPoint because all your schoolmates use MS PowerPoint and have it installed in their computers. Well, the question here would be How to Convert Prezi to PowerPoint?

We can do that in different ways, but first you can export the text of your Prezi presentation as a plain text file by using the Edit button in Prezi and then copy it into a text file. Now you can download the Prezi as PDF document.

When you have the PDF document you can open it in any Adobe PDF Viewer.

Here hopefully you will have all your slides in a PDF format.

From now, you can export the PDF into individual PNG or JPG files which will correspond to the slides in the new PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively you can upload your PDF presentation to SlideOnline and then you will get the images exported for the web.

Now, in PowerPoint presentation we will troubleshoot by using the Photo Album option. This will let you pick the images PNG or JPG from your hard disk and create a presentation based on the images.

Of course, this is not very elegant because you will be using images instead of shapes and text and the overall file size can be quite big but if you need a workaround to convert your Prezi PPT to PowerPoint again, then this can do the work. Another bad idea of using this method is after converting from Prezi to PowerPoint the text won’t be editable any more unless you know how to use Photoshop.

There is a good site we found today while we wrote this article that is Crazyegg – 7 Outstanding Example Presentations Using Prezi – if you are looking for free Prezi templates for inspiration then it worth to take a look.

2 comments on “How to Convert Prezi to PowerPoint

  1. I have difficulty working with Prezi. Instead I am preparing my slides from PowerPoint Even with that I am still not following the different processes. I really want to do presentation at my school. Can you please give me a step by step written instructions on working with Prezi and a step by step illustrations when importing from the PowerPoint into Prezi Thanks

    1. Hi David.

      You may try the following. At the top of the screen in Prezi there is a an option “PowerPoint” that you can click in order to open a Browse window and then be able to pick the PowerPoint file. Navigate to find the PowerPoint file that you want to upload and then confirm. This process can help you to turn your PowerPoint presentation into Prezi. Once you have selected a PowerPoint presentation, the slides should be loaded in Prezi on the right-hand side. Now you can choose to insert all the slides or just individual slides, depending on your needs.

      I’d strongly recommend you the book Prezi for Education that you can purchase at Amazon (it is available for Kindle).

      Alternatively, you may continue using PowerPoint instead of Prezi. It is still one of the most powerful presentation software around the world. If you need professional PowerPoint presentation templates I’d recommend you to check to download PowerPoint templates.

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