Developing Apps For Multiple Mobile Platforms With IBM Worklight

IBM Worklight is a platform to help developers to create cross-platform applications for mobile devices. The IBM Worklight Developer Edition is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE with development tools and a built-in application server which gives the developers the flexibility to develop and test apps. Furthermore, it provides a delivery mechanism  without complicated installation and configuration requirements.

Why Use Worklight

Why use Worklight?

As the usage of mobile devices increases, more and more organizations are looking to move into the mobile app business. This not only includes companies looking to earn profits from such apps but also organizations which are now looking to make mobile devices more integrated with the daily working environment, such as giving mobile devices the ability to support desktop applications like PowerPoint or to enhance corporate network security and extend it to the devices brought in by employees. One good example of this can be found in the BOYD initiative, which encourages employees to bring their own mobile devices to work. This is where IBM Worklight allows organizations to enhance and extend their businesses by using mobile devices.

WorkLight Overview

What Can You Do With Worklight?

Instead of having to customize applications for each mobile platform , you can use Worklight to simplify the equation and create, run and manage apps, including HTML5, native and hybrid apps. As Worklight supports a wide range of mobile platforms, you can use a single, shared code base to connect and synchronize your apps within an enterprise environment, cloud service or other applications. IBM Worklight supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems. You can develop apps for these platforms by using anything from HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Apache Cordova to the jQuery, Dojo Mobile and Sencha Touch frameworks.

Build Native and HTML5 apps

Cost Effective Application Development

As Worklight covers all major mobile platforms and devices, you can cut down your costs for application development and integrate all needed features for your apps without spending an extravagant amount on app development. Worklight brings you everything from the ability to develop mobile apps, integrate services (e.g. services for secure transactions), as well as an application testing and deployment mechanism.

Worklight App Development

Easy To Setup And Use

After IBM Worklight is installed you can instantly begin creating mobile apps without many complex configurations. IBM has also provided various types of PDF and video tutorials to walk users through each part of the development process. The below images show how you can setup your first project using IBM Worklight.

Creating a Worklight Project

IBM Worklight Introductory Video

Needless to say, IBM Worklight is a paid product, however you can also download the trial version to see how you can benefit from it. IBM Worklight Developer edition works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems. For information about pricing, tutorials and to download IBM Worklight, see the link given below.

Go to Download IBM Worklight Developer Edition

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