How to Choose: Perform a Presentation or Speech

Presentations and speeches are the two most important and easy ways to convey your message or teachings to a number of people at a time. At the same time, complications are arising in the pattern and way of delivering it. These days, these are not limited to paper reading or simply speaking in front of a huge gathering. Thus you have to be very particular while choosing matter for your speech or for presentation so that you could convince your audience positively.

Another important thing associated with delivering speech is your personality. Yes, what and how you speak directly reflect your personality and thinking. So, you need to be very careful while choosing material for your presentation.

Let’s discuss the necessary things that are required to be taken into consideration while crafting speech.

Purpose of your speech

First and foremost, you must be clear about the purpose of your presentation. You must be clear about the subject around which you will create your story. If a person is unable to write the purpose in just one sentence, may struggle in creating rest of the speech. Here is a saying for this type of situation:

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.”-Robert Carlyle

Purpose can be anything like:

  • Discussing social and prevalent issue.
  • Entertaining the gathering.
  •  It can be sales speech.
  • May be persuasive speech for asking vote.

Write everything by keeping purpose in your mind otherwise the content may become messy. You know,

“The common knowledge divides presentations by various purposes. Traditionally, the big three are speeches to inform, speeches to entertain and speeches to persuade. The uncommon knowledge is that everything you say involves persuasion” – Malcolm Kushner

Beginning of your speech

Start of you speech should be unique and fresh. It must cast the ultimate message of your presentation. Along with that it must be attention garbing, for this you can try some of the below mentioned ways:

  • “Courage is the first of human qualities, because it is the quality which guarantees all other” Use this unusual and famous quote in the beginning.
  • Share astounding facts or figures. For instance, “Adults laughs only 15 times a day on average, where as children laughs about 400 times a day.”
  • “I have been short always, but today I will be brief” – Use humor like this.
  • Tell your audience why should they listen you what’s in it for them.

Body of your speech

This is the pitch where you have to prove all your facts, figures, quotes and humor you used in the beginning. In this your points and speech should be arranged in logical order. And don’t restrict your speech to just three point use sub headings for more illustration. Try to add some emotional and critical facts.

Open with a laugh – close with a tear.” – Dottie Walters

Ending of your Speech

Like Opening, ending should also be striking and it must provide your audience something to retain with them and to act upon it immediately. Remember, always end with positive note and conclusion.

“It’s been said that a speech is like a love affair:Anyone can start one, but it takes a lot of skill to end one well.”

So, this was all about how to choose matter for your speech or presentation.

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