Powerpoint Speech

Role Of PowerPoint Presentations in The Entertainment Industry

The one thing that perhaps we have all established is the fact that the entertainment industry is a rising sky and that we all have to make great efforts to match up to the enormity of how big the industry is growing each second. There is a lot to do and say and if not …

5 Keys To A Great Expository Speech

Whether at university level or for official purposes; presentation is a part and parcel. But an expository speech is slightly different from other formats. In this version of presentation, you are supposed to demonstrate a specific subject matter in a well-structured and logical manner, with no reference as such to the presenter’s opinions.

How to Choose: Perform a Presentation or Speech

How to Choose: Perform a Presentation or Speech

Presentations and speeches are the two most important and easy ways to convey your message or teachings to a number of people at a time. At the same time, complications are arising in the pattern and way of delivering it. These days, these are not limited to paper reading or simply speaking in front of …

How to Enable Text-To-Speech in PowerPoint 2010

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology enables software and applications to play back written text as human spoken words. You can use PowerPoint 2010 and other versions of PowerPoint to speech every time you highlight a text on the screen or slide. In other words, you can hear most text that appears on your screen in Word, Outlook, …