How to Apply Superscript Text in PowerPoint Slide

Superscript is a very useful format option and have a lot of applications in documents, spreadsheets (formulas) and also in presentations.

To demonstrate this functionality, here we have created a new presentation slide where we wanted to make the text TM in “BrandTM” to use Superscript. While there is a TM (for trademark) symbol that you can insert easily in PowerPoint, we thought this could help to demonstrate the use of Superscript text in PowerPoint.

Having the text selected, you can right click to open the Font settings, and then find a Superscript checkbox in the Font dialog box.

How to add Superscript text in PowerPoint

Look at the Effects checkboxes in the Font dialog box. The Superscript checkbox allows to make the selected text Superscript.

You can also control the offset, by default is 30%. Hardly you’d need to change this Offset value but it is good know about the existence of this feature. Adjusting the offset can be useful in some specific situations.

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Shortcut in PowerPoint to add Superscript and Subscript

If you use Superscript and Subscript too often, you may be interested in a shortcut that helps to ease this process. Here are the two useful shortcuts that can help you to save minutes of manual work while applying the superscript (or subscript) text format in a textbox in PowerPoint. These shortcuts also work in Office 365.

Superscript shortcut in PowerPoint for PC and Mac

How to remove the Superscript and Subscript font style?

Finally, if you want to remove the Superscript format in PowerPoint, it is good to know this style can be removed by selecting the text to remove superscript and pressing Ctrl+=

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