Animated Business Excellence Template For PowerPoint

A business goes through various phases before a product or service is made available to the general public. Before marketing and distribution can occur, a product must go through the design, development and production phase. Animated Business Excellence Template for PowerPoint depicts different stages that a business must go through; ranging from design, brainstorming, development to production, marketing and distribution.

Plan, Brainstorm, & Design

Other than the opening slide, you get slides with various phases depicting aspects like planning, brainstorming and product design with the aid of illustrations. The slides depict people clipart pivotally placed in slides to provide presenters with editable layouts to design their slides.

Production, Marketing and Distribution

There are also slides which depict production, marketing and distribution. These slides too come with useful clipart to symbolically show each of these steps. The production slide shows an individual checking the quality of a product from the assembly line. Similarly, the marketing slide depicts a business woman explaining statistics from a chart. The distribution related slide shows to people carrying a carton.

Core Values & Awards

There are also some additional slides for discussing customer feedback, core values of the organization and any awards which the organization might have received. You can also edit these slides to show something entirely different.


Editable Slide Layouts

All slides can be edited by moving around objects, adding or removing items, with complete flexibility to edit the given layouts. Like other Presenter Media templates, this template is not only animated but comes with fully editable slides.

This template contains a number of clipart images which can be copied for use across slides. Furthermore, the animated sample slides can help you create animated content by simply editing the given slides to insert relevant information. You can preview all animations by going to SlideShow mode or edit the pre-configured animations via the Animations Pane.

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