How to apply design templates to your presentation

As you can see after downloading our templates, the files comes as .ppt files, and you may be wondering why we use .ppt instead of .pot (PowerPoint templates). However, if you need use our free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds you can do it easily.

For example, let’s imagine that you are browsing our free bundle of backgrounds for PowerPoint and decide to use one for your next presentation. You can click in the download link and the .zip file will come to your computer.

Once there, you can open the archive with your favorite Zip program, 7-Zip, WinRAR or even WinZIP to decompress the .ppt template. Now you can open the .ppt template in your computer.

You can apply a design template file (.pot) or a design template from another presentation file (.ppt or .pps) by clicking Browse in the Slide Design task pane. Go to Design ribbon and then click on the

Then click on Browse for Theme… and now you can pick a template from a .thmx file or even other files like .pot or .ppt

Now browse for the file that you previously downloaded from our collection of free templates and apply it to your PowerPoint presentation.

The advantage of using .pot instead of .ppt is that you can reuse the template and share with your colleagues to allow them create presentations with the same styles or reuse it more than once.