How to Add Text to a Shape in PowerPoint 2010

You can easily add text to a shape in PowerPoint 2010 by editing the shape text. Here we will show you how to edit the text inside a shape in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 so you can use this approach to add text to your PowerPoint shapes in any presentation without adding a new text box above the shape.

How to Add Text to a Shape in PowerPoint 2010

In this example we added new text to the shapes. Notice that you can add text to any existing shape. In order to edit the text inside the shape you need to right click over the shape and then choose Edit Text. Now you can enter the text to be included inside the shape.

Changing the text properties inside the shape

If you need to change the text properties then you can even if the text is added inside a shape. For example, we can change the text direction resulting in the following image.

text direction shape

Or we can add text columns to the shape. This can be useful for visualization tricks in PowerPoint presentations. We already discussed this in our previous article how to add text columns to PowerPoint slides.

powerpoint shapes columns inside the shapes

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