HotSchedules: Convenient Employee Scheduling & Management Platform

In the wake of the scheduling, supply chain gaps, and workforce shortages affecting the global economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employee management and forecasting of sales, budgets, and supplies is essential to prevent shelves at your outlet from getting empty. Therefore, it is important to have an integrated system to manage employee schedules, supplies, budgets, and track employee hours. HotSchedules is a scheduling and time management solution for comprehensive management of employees, and forecasting scheduling needs.

HotSchedules: A Comprehensive Employee Scheduling and Management Platform

HotSchedules is a web and mobile-based product by Fourth Enterprises, which is famous for providing software solutions catering to the needs of the hospitality industry. HotSchedules can be used to create employee schedules, allow employees to swap shifts, anticipate scheduling needs, process payrolls based on tracked hours of employees, etc.

Geofencing to Track Employees and Automatic Scheduling

HotSchedules can also be used by employees to check their schedules on their mobile devices, set up swap shifts, and even clock in and out. Employees can also request time off and set their availability. Since HotSchedules uses geofencing, employees cannot trick the system by clocking in when employees are not at work or checking if the time does not match in some way.

Punch time using HotSchedules

Anticipate Future Scheduling Needs

Using HotSchedules, you can even filter employees to create automatic schedules based on their skills and availability. HotSchedules also enables using historical sales data to forecast future scheduling needs. This is one feature that many employers would find quite convenient due to the current workforce management issues that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortages of workforce and supplies that have resulted due to it.


Overview of HotSchedules

You can learn more about HotSchedules from the video given below, including basic features, HotSchedules login, HotSchedules app, forecasting, scheduling, and other details.

HotSchedules is available via the web, Android, and iOS devices.

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