All You Need to Know About Google Voice

Your cell phone number is no longer just a way of connecting with people through phone calls. It is a digital identity which is linked with everything from your bank account to your social media accounts, colleagues, clients and your supervisor. This also means that many people are now facing the issue of the blurring of the time they spend at the workplace and at home. As different people try to reach out to you at odd hours without much consideration for your privacy. This is where services like Google Voice are helping people regain their personal digital space.

Google Voice

What is Google Voice and What Makes it Useful?

Google Voice is a service that helps you separate your personal cell phone number with an alternative one. It offers services for forwarding calls, voicemail, voice and text messages. A Google number works just like a regular phone number, with the advantage of not being tied to a phone or a location. When a user calls on a Google number it is not like calling at a number tied to the workplace, your home or a mobile number.

It is simply a number tied to you! Users can choose which phone does the call gets redirected to, based on who calls. For example, you can choose to direct calls from family members to your smartphone and redirect unwanted calls to voice mail.

How to use Google Voice

There are a number of benefits of using Google Voice, such as keeping your personal number hidden from people who might try to contact you on odd hours, an economical means to make international calls and to ensure your number remains consistent regardless of which place you live in when switching your job, without worrying about a change of number due to a change in your cell phone service.

You can use Google Voice not only from a mobile device but also a computer to make calls, listen to messages, download messages, etc. This can be useful on a daily basis, not only to keep your personal and professional life organized but to also stay on top of your projects, gathering ideas for your PowerPoint presentations through your GVoice downloaded content and keeping your personal time free from unwanted phone calls.

How do I Get a Google Voice Number?

If you’re wondering how to get a Google Voice number for free, the video below provides instructions about how to setup and get your GVoice number. To learn about the availability of Google Voice in your country, see this information about service countries.

Is Google Voice still free?

A Google Voice number is free for calls for U.S. numbers, however, Google Voice for Business starts as low as $10 per user per month. There are also variable rates for making international calls. For details about charges, see the Google Voice calling rates.

Google Voice calling rates

Final Words

To get started with Google Voice on your Android or iOS device or to use it via the web, see the link below. We hope we were able to help you understand how does google voice work and how you can make the most out of your GVoice number to get some tranquility by separating your personal and professional digital space.

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