Create Interactive Presentations From Mind Maps With Mindomo

Mindomo is a cross-platform application for creating mind maps and turning them into interactive presentations. It is available for a variety of platforms ranging from Android, iPad, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Mindomo brings a utility that is often not found in mind mapping applications, i.e. the utility to directly convert mind maps into presentations. This makes Mindomo more useful than other mobile and desktop mind mapping applications like SchematicMind, MindMapper and iThoughtsHD. This is because one can easily present a mind map as a presentation using Mindomo, instead of exporting the mind map to a presentation software like Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Mindomo - Mind Map Software

Mindomo Desktop Edition

If you are using the desktop version of Mindomo, make sure that you have Adobe Air installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. This is because the desktop version of Mindomo does not have separate files for these operating systems and has been built using Adobe Air. This means that the software package can run on any device with Adobe Air installed on it. While Adobe Air applications are known to be resource intensive, they do provide the utility of overcoming compatibility issues (e.g. between various Linux flavors). It is worth mentioning here that Adobe Air was unfortunately discontinued for Linux and the old package of Adobe Air may or may not work with your Linux OS. When you launch the Mindomo desktop application it provides some very self explnatory options for creating mind maps. Just start with your central topic and begin adding lines, themes, layout, text, images, etc.

Mindomo Desktop

Create Visually Appealing Mind Maps With Mindomo

As you can see from the image given below, you can easily create a mind map by adding topics, sub topics and applying visual styles to your mind map.

Create Mind Map

Customize Mind Maps With Themes, Layouts And Images

Similarly, you can select a theme to further enhance the look of your mind map and also make use of layouts,  add relationships, comments, icons and even fetch images from the web or your hard drive to add to the mind map.

Mindomo Themes

Convert Mind Maps To Interactive Presentations And Save Them Online

After your presentation is complete, you can save it in the native Mindomo format, sync it to your online Mindomo account or turn it into an interactive presentation by clicking the Presenter Icon.

Create Presentation

The Presenter Mode will allow you to create numerous presentation slides and also enable you to edit the existing mind map by adding or removing items according to need.

Presentation Slides

You can add multiple slides to create your presentation and use the navigation menu buttons to move between the previous and next slide, switch to full screen mode and even share your slides online. To present a presentation, hit Play Presentation button or hit F5 from your keyboard.

Mind Map Presentation

Mindomo For Android and iPad

Mindomo also has versions for mobile devices like Android and iPad. You can acquire the rich desktop version functionality by installing the Mindomo app on your Android or iPad device to create, share and present Mind Maps as interactive presentations.

Mindomo for iPad

Needless to say, you will require a Mindomo account to sync your mind maps online. The free version of Mindomo allows having up to 3 mind maps, whereas the paid versions have a starting price of $6 per month. Mindomo works with the following operating systems:

  • Windows (Adobe Air)
  • Mac OS X (Adobe Air)
  • Linux (Adobe Air)
  • Android (2.2. and above)
  • iPad (iOS 4.3 or above)

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  1. I would like to make an interactive powerpiont presentation of the postal, delivery courier services. Any background suggestion or any moving box shipping interactive templates.

    1. Hi CLive. Thank you for leaving your comment. We have plenty of backgrounds that you can use for Postal and Delivery Courier Services. I am envisioning that you could use a PowerPoint background with an amazing truck picture. Following that link you can download a free truck PowerPoint template that can fit very well in a transportation and delivery courier services presentation. There are other abstract Power Point backgrounds and slide designs that you can suit well, too. Following that second link you can get more than 160 free backgrounds and slide designs.

      Finally there is a free delivery PowerPoint template that you can also download although the background contains a motorcycle delivery illustration with a happy smiley face.

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