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Last updated on November 2nd, 2023

Want to play Jeopardy just like the game show on TV? The best way to do that is to use Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates that can help you quiz your contestants right from a PowerPoint slide show and it is suitable for work but also to use at school as a Jeopardy game for kids.

1. Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

Designed with over 60 slides, this interactive game Jeopardy PowerPoint template is meant to give you the true Jeopardy experience. You can play your own game show with your friends, colleagues, with students at school and even conduct your own competitions. This Jeopardy PPT template features a fully functional question/answer board just like the Jeopardy game show.

Interactive Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Interactive Game
Interactive Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Interactive Game

The sample slides provide space for adding your questions and answers, which can be revealed as per your convenience.

Add your question to a Jeopardy Game Questions PPT template

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The Jeopardy PPT template also comes with instructions for managing your interactive panels. These instructions include information about how to use the template, including details about adding questions and answers and making panels inactive. You can preview the sample slides from the developer’s website to see the functionality of the template before downloading it. This animated template for PowerPoint with jeopardy for kids or work is available for PowerPoint for Mac and PC.

Instructions for using Game Show Toolkit for PowerPoint
Game Show Toolkit for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

2. Interactive Panels PowerPoint Template

The interactive panels templates are another good option for conducting a Jeopardy like game show using PowerPoint, using interactive panels. These templates can be downloaded as a four panel toolkit template and an eight panel toolkit template. These Templates are available for:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac OS
  • Keynote for iPad and Mac OS
8 interactive panles toolkit for powerpoint

Go to Presenter Media –  4 Interactive Panels PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – 8 Interactive Panels PowerPoint Template

3. Game Show Toolkit for PowerPoint

As the name suggests, this is a game show themed template with interactive panels to help you conduct game shows. This Game Show template for PowerPoint provides panels where you can add your questions and hide them during the slide show. You can ask contestants questions and then reveal the answers.

PowerPoint Game Show Slide Show

Also see detailed instructions for using the Game Show Toolkit

Go to Presenter Media – Game Show ToolKit

Alternatively, you can download the free Family Feud PowerPoint template, or check out the interactive Family Feud PPT template.

4. Game Board Sign Clipart for a Jeopardy Game

You can also download this standalone game show clipart and customize it by adding textboxes and images to it. This clipart image is available in different resolutions in PNG and JPG format.

Game Board Sign Clipart for PowerPoint
Game Board Sign Clipart for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Game Board Sign Clipart

Experience authentic Jeopardy gameplay with Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Templates. Suitable for work and school, the interactive template offers over 60 slides for custom questions and instructions. Also available: panel toolkits and game-themed templates.

Final thoughts

Recreating classic game shows like Jeopardy for educational or professional purposes is both entertaining and engaging. With this Jeopardy PowerPoint Template and the array of game templates for PowerPoint available, it’s easier than ever to craft your own game sessions, whether for students, colleagues, or friends. From customizable question slides to interactive panels, these tools offer versatility across various platforms, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether you’re looking to energize your classroom, conduct fun competitions at work, or simply enjoy a game night at home, these resources have got you covered.

Learn more here Presenter Media - Animated Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

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