Free Windows 8 Metro PowerPoint Template

If you need to prepare PowerPoint presentations with the new Metro Interface or presentations on UX, for example if you need to prepare a Lean UX PowerPoint presentation, then this free Windows 8 PowerPoint template can be useful.

Free Windows 8 Metro PowerPoint Template

You can download free Metro interface PowerPoint template to decorate your business presentations or any other presentation with the new Metro UX design style, introduced in Windows 8 and the same user interface design used for new Microsoft Office 2013.

windows 8 powerpoint template

The slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint contains two ready made slides that you can copy and paste or overwrite with your presentation content. This theme was inspired in the Metro Bootstrap CSS framework that was widely used for WordPress and other HTML/CSS projects, however now you can use a similar Metro PowerPoint template with the Windows 8 interface.

[slideonline id=1587]

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