Free Water Drop PowerPoint Templates

Water drops represent freshness and cleanliness. There are many ways to use water drops in PowerPoint designs to also portray professionalism and elegance. In this article, we will list some of the best and free water drop PowerPoint Templates that you can use for a variety of presentation topics.

best due drop templates

Liquid PowerPoint Template

This Liquid PowerPoint Template features water drops background. It’s silver and black theme makes it look sophisticated and elegant. This water drop template contains a cover or title slide where you can type in the title of your presentation on a curved black overlay with a light transparency, showing through the background. This slide also allows you to type in your Name, Position or Job Title, or project description.

The second slide can be used for all your content. The water drop image acts as a border or frame for the slide. The white background provides enough space for you to insert your text, tables, photos, graphs, charts, diagrams, or practically all your presentation content.

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Elegant Water Drops Design in Black and Grey

Blur Lights PowerPoint Template

Blurred circles of lights happen when the lens or a glass has dew or drops of water on it and you take a photo through it. You can recreate this effect on your own or you can use this Blur Lights PowerPoint Template. This is a free template that you can use for many types of presentations.

It contains two slide templates: a title or cover slide and an inside slide, which you can duplicate for your presentation content.

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Capture Vibrant Lights in Blur Lights Template

Rainwater PowerPoint Template

This Rainwater PowerPoint Template is a beautiful template that features a ceiling or upwards shot of a glass ceiling. Here, the clouds can be seen, with the sun shining behind the clouds, much like the aftermath of rain or maybe even a storm. There are still water drops that sparkle with the sunlight.

This template has four slides, the first one being a cover or title slide. It contains a curving gray shape overlay which is transparent enough to show through the image, yet still clearly displays your presentation title. The 3 succeeding slides are content slides where you can insert your information, such as text, list, tables, charts, diagrams and many more.

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Witness the Sunlight After the Rain with this Template

Green Nature with Ripple Effect

Nothing shows freshness than the color green and droplets of water. It brings to mind freshly picked produce on a morning with the dew still on it. To evoke that, there is a Green Nature PowerPoint Template with Ripple Effect that you can use to enforce natures beauty and the freshness of greenery.

This abstract template shows a swirling design with a drop of water in the middle, like a magnification of a leaf. This template features a cover slide where you can type in your title and details. The three succeeding slides are content slides where the abstract theme is continued.

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Abstract Green Template with Swirling and Water Drop Effect

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