Free Receipt Template For Word With 3 Receipts Per Page

For any business entity involved in selling goods or services to customers, it is important to issue receipts. First, it is mandated by the government. Second, it is a record of your sales as a company and a customer’s record of his purchases which he can refer to in case of returns or exchanges, even complaints.

Convenient and Complete Receipt Template for Sales and Purchases

On the part of a business entity, a receipt is a very important financial document because it shows you the record of sales, like which item was sold, to whom, when, for how much, and what payment method. These details are important in keeping track of your sales activities and to also tally up with your inventory. A receipt is also important to ensure the financial integrity of your sales activity and your personnel involved.

Free and Professional Receipt Template for Word

The Free Receipt Template for Word with 3 Receipts Per Page is a template that contains sequentially number receipts as well as a complete recording of your sales activity.

This Free Receipt Template for Word with 3 Receipts per Page is an ideal template for businesses providing products and services, like hardware, cafes, coffee shops, small restaurants, food stalls, boutique, and so much more. This Free Receipt Template for Word reflects the Customer (Paid By:) and the Personnel who handled the sale (Paid To:), the Description of the Product or Service, Amount per line item, Subtotal, Discount/s (if any), Tax, and Total. It also records the Date of the transaction and the person who received the payment (Received By).

Contains Receipt Number in Sequence

This Receipt Template for Word contains 3 receipts per page and allows you to conveniently and economically print the receipts to give copies to your customers and to keep for yourself as records of transactions.

Sequencing Feature

What is great about this Free Receipt Template for Word is that it has a convenient number sequencing feature. This allows you to have a numbered receipt that automatically generates. All you have to do is to right-click the first receipt number, select Edit Field, select Options, and edit the number in the Field Codes box) after \r. Press CTRL+A to select all receipts and then press F9 to update the numbering.

Receipt Template Allows for Quick Parts

You can also follow the instructions located at the bottom of each page of the receipt template for Word: To insert a new page of numbered receipts, move your cursor below the last receipt, click the Insert option, followed by Quick Parts. Once done, click Receipt Slips (3 per page) in the Quick Parts drop down menu. 

Sequenced sales receipts ensures the financial integrity of your transactions. This way, you can be sure that all your transactions are recorded correctly and you can easily track discrepancies in your sales and in your accounts.

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