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A Power of Attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on behalf of another’s behalf on private affairs, business, or some other legal matter, sometimes against the wishes of the other’s. A power of attorney is commonly used when a person is unable to be present in the signing of a contract, or when that person is physically incapacitated. 

Professionally Written Power of Attorney Word Template

A power of attorney is a legal document giving another person the power to represent you, or make crucial business or legal decisions for you. Thus, a power of attorney should be clearly written, with specific information and parameters, especially on the powers that you bestow on another person.

The Free Power of Attorney Template for Word is a suitable template if you are to create a power of attorney for yourself or for another person for presentation in business, financial or legal matters such as bank accounts or contracts.

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The Free Power of Attorney Template for Word allows you to create a clear and detailed document, containing pertinent information, which can be used whether as a special power of attorney or a limited power of attorney.

The Free Power of Attorney Template for Word contains basic information such as the Commencement Date, Name and Address of the Grantor, and Name and Address of the Attorney or Agent. This template also allows you to write specific information such as the Limitations of the power of attorney in terms of power and time. It also asks if the power of attorney is limited to a particular project or event.

Customizable to be a Special or Limited Power of Attorney

This Free Power of Attorney Template for Word also lets you decide and state if the validity of the document will be maintained if the grantor becomes ill. The Word Template also allows you to add any confidentiality clauses or non-disclosure obligations. It ever there is a provision for arbitration or dispute, the template also makes that provision clear.

A Power of Attorney is a very important document and having a template such as this Free Power of Attorney Template allows you to professionally draft one. All you have to do is to answer the questions and fill in the required information in the template.


This template is no longer available, you can download alternative Power of Attorney Templates for Word from the below link.

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