Best Free PPT Templates to Present News

Last updated on November 16th, 2023

Nothing can catch people’s attention and start a conversation than a headline. This is why the Free News PowerPoint Templates such as the ones below are sure to catch your attention with their straightforward and bold designs that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them glued.

Create Headlines PowerPoint Template

The Headline PowerPoint Template is sleek and simple, but will surely grab everyone’s attention with its bold design. It features coordinating fonts, high-contrast colors, and compelling graphics to present your information in a very interesting way.

The design of the template also makes it highly readable, while still being versatile for many types of presentation, whether for school, business or personal use.


This template features a solid black background with white accents and white font. The template also comes with its own set of layout options, allowing you to insert tables, lists, graphs, and other data into your slideshow.

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The News is in PowerPoint Template

The Newspaper PowerPoint Template is the perfect template that you can use if you are in the market for a free news-themed PowerPoint template. It features a white background and a red accent running across the top and bottom of the slides. There is also a postal box image with a newspaper in it to set the theme of your slideshow.


The template has a cover slide that is distinct from all the other slides. Nevertheless, all the preset slides have the uniform theme that will give your presentation a professional look. You can have different layouts for your template so you can include tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, and even images, audios, and videos to add variety and more interest to your presentation.

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Red & Gray Good News PowerPoint Template

Newspapers have bold layouts, bold colors, bold texts, and bold images. This is to get the readers’ attention. This Red Newsprint PowerPoint Template can easily draw the eye to the slideshow while allowing your audience to clearly read all your content.


Meanwhile, you can easily create your own slideshow through your smartphone or any other mobile device, or even opt to save it on your computer. You can also easily access and modify the template to suit your own theme and preference.

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Breaking News is Great News PowerPoint Template

If you want to channel news programs into any of your presentations, whether for school projects, college tv show programs, business presentations, network news proposals, or any other topic, this next template is perfect for you.


This Breaking News PowerPoint Template features an abstract graphic background in various shades of blue and gray. It’s designed to look like watching a news program, which many people can be interested in. This template is perfect for conveying groundbreaking information to your audience, and you can use this for many presentation purposes.

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