Free Name Badge Template For Word

From kiddie parties to school events, name badges are a great way for your guests to get to know each other. However, creating one for each guest can be tedious, especially if you have hundreds of attendees. The Free Name Badge Template for Word is a great, colorful template that will definitely have your guests talking.

Free name badge template for Word

This template is colorful and fun to look at, drawing their eyes to the badges so that guests can know each other’s names easily and even become friends. This template is also free, so your event budget can be spent on more important items in your party preparations.

Get to Know Your Guests Using Badges

Designed with colorful abstract patterns, this free name badge template fits in one standard letter-sized paper and you can print as many as 8 name badges for each page. The background of this template features many patterns and colors and you can easily create unique name badges for each person.

To add the names, you can just click on each of the squares in each of the name badges. There are text placeholders which you can click and type your guests’ or attendees’ names.

Customize name badge template

Use this Template for Any Event

This template is great not just for kids’ parties, especially those with safari or other colorful themes. This template can also be used for school or classroom, kids’ events, play dates, daycare, and many other events. Adults can even use this template for their own events, such as conventions, seminars, or even in school.


You can keep this in your computer or in your OneDrive account so you can easily create fun and colorful name badges anytime you need to.

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