Free Expense Report Form Template For Excel

The Free Expense Report Form Template for Excel is a valuable form for companies that require their employees to travel to accomplish business tasks. This Expense Report Template is also great for keeping track of expenses when you go out for a company outing or for out-of-town conferences or conventions.

Track Expenses While on the Road

The Free Expense Report Form Template for Excel allows you to create a detailed and accurate expense report to be submitted to your supervisor, manager or company head. You, as the employee, can use this form template to submit your expenses for reimbursements.

This convenient and complete expense report template makes it easy for you to record your expenses so you can lessen the amount of time you spend recording and accounting. Through this form, you can categorize your expenses according to the following categories: Hotel, Transport, Fuel, Meals, phone calls, Entertainment, and other types of Miscellaneous Expenses. The totals for each of these categories are auto-computed to avoid miscalculations.

Printable Form for Office Use

Each of your expenses can also be tracked according to date. The Free Expense Report Form Template provides space to input the date and automatically computes totals for each date entry. The grand total is also automatically computed and shows at the end of the table.

To also prevent employees from recklessly using the form and for ensuring that the expenses are spent on official business, the Expense Report Form has a Purpose portion that employees can fill out. Employee Information, such as Name, Department, Position and Manager, as well as SSN and Employee ID are also indicated in the expense form.

Any Notes can also be written by the employee or his or her head in the Notes section, as well as a section for Approval of the Expense Report. This ensures that Expense Reporting goes through appropriate process and the system for reimbursement is maintained and followed by employees.

Template for Auto-Computing Expense Totals

You can also use this Expense Report Form for your PowerPoint presentation, if you are going to make a report about your business trip. This Excel template works best for Excel 2003 or later versions.

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