How to Make a Taxi Receipt Template in PowerPoint

A blank taxi receipt template can be very useful for taxi drivers but also for businessmen who need to request the taxi receipt in order to prepare their expenses reports later or employee travel reimbursement spreadsheets. Here we will show you how to make a very simple taxi receipt template that you can print in PowerPoint and use for your own purposes.

Make a Taxi Receipt Template in PowerPoint 2010

Let’s start creating a blank presentation and then add a rectangular shape with rounded borders.

Now add text boxes inside the rectangular shape. Inside the text boxes you can add the taxi receipt fields like:

  • Travel date
  • Number
  • From field
  • To field
  • Fare amount
  • Signature


Then you can add a logo and any other required field or text.

Now it is ready for print. You can download this taxi receipt PowerPoint template for free here.

Taxi Receipt PowerPoint Template (1545 downloads)

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