Free Elementary School Diploma Template For Word

Certificates and diplomas are a recognition for an achievement. This is why schools often provide their students with certificates recognizing their achievements. Similarly, students are given a diploma after the successful completion of a course. The Free Elementary School Diploma Template for Word is an editable diploma maker template which can be used for making printable elementary school diplomas.

Editable Diploma Template

The template provides numerous editable sections for adding a title, student name, date and signature sections for adding the signature of the teacher and principal. The diploma layout is a basic one, which you can customize by inserting required content, such as your school’s name, logo, the student’s name, etc.

Elementary school diploma template for Word

Customize Diploma Template for your School

The entire template can be creatively customized using basic options from the Ribbon menu in Microsoft Word. This includes everything from changing the colors of the font, the font type to adding images and changing the overall look of the diploma itself. Even if you are new to MS Word, customization shouldn’t be hard. You can create printable diplomas for elementary school children or change the default text to create diplomas for any purpose you like.

Editable elementary school diploma Word template

Change the Default Look of the Diploma

This elementary school diploma template has a very basic layout which is simple enough to use for making your own diplomas. You can either individually insert a student name for each student before printing the diploma or leave the section blank to fill out student names using a pen.

Add student name to diploma

You can use a number of useful customization options in MS Word to change the default look of the diploma, such as Quick Styles via Picture Tools.

Change the look of diploma template

This free elementary school diploma template is downloadable using the direct link provided below.

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