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A picture is considered to be worth a thousand words and perhaps one of the most essential aspect of making an attractive timeline is to use the right images. While PowerPoint timelines can be made using SmartArt and mere text, images, icons and symbols always make timelines easier to understand. This is why many premium timeline templates for PowerPoint use a lot of visual aid to provide presenters with sample clipart & icons.

Not everyone finds PowerPoint as the easiest resource for making timelines. In fact, it can be quite cumbersome to use PowerPoint for generating timelines. If you need a quick and easy solution for your timeline making woes, you can use TimeToast; which is a picture based online timeline generator.


Quick and Easy way for Making Timelines

With TimeToast you can start by creating a free account and login to begin making a timeline. Like most online timeline generators, TimeToast gives you a few easy options for adding your timeline title, category and image to get started.

Create timeline with timetoast

While there is a simple mechanism for adding dates for your timeline events, there is a limitation for desktop users in case they intend to use dates in BC. For that you will require using the mobile version of the site, which can also be accessed by desktop users by switching to the mobile version of the site via a link at the bottom of any TimeToast webpage.

Create timeline event

Create Timelines with Online Collaboration

When making your timeline you can add events with an image and description. Furthermore, you can specify a timespan and edit the added event anytime. There is a slider at the top which allows you to either keep your timeline as a ‘Draft’ or make it publicly viewable. There is also a button for online collaboration, however online collaboration requires a premium account.

Timeline made with timetoast

Embed, Print & Share Timelines

You can embed, print and share timelines via TimeToast. People can also give feedback on timelines by leaving a comment.

Share timelines online with timetoast

Unlike the paid version, the free account of TimeToast is ad supported and only allows Public timelines. You can however, keep your timeline as a Draft until it is complete.

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