Free Commercial Invoice Template for Excel

Last updated on December 12th, 2023

A Commercial Invoice is a transaction record required by customs to determine the real value of imported goods or products. The commercial invoice helps the customs assess duties and taxes. As such, a commercial invoice must be detailed, with all the information necessary for a product to be accepted into another country and therefore improve trade and business relations between countries or multinational corporations, among many other.

Commercial Invoice for Import and Export Businesses

The Free Commercial Invoice Template for Excel is a template specially created for this purpose. It contains information on the buyer and seller, date, terms of sale, items, and many more. Since it is an Excel Online Template, you can access and edit it on your mobile devices, making productivity even much more convenient and efficient.

The commercial invoice template for Excel features a clean layout and design which makes it suitable for many types of companies in the business of exporting goods to other countries. It is standard enough for most businesses and for customs in various countries. The customs declaration process relies on the commercial invoice to evaluate duties and taxes accurately. The layout is clean, straightforward and uncluttered. You can easily see all the details listed therein.

Built-In Formula for Seamless Use and Accurate Computations

The Free Commercial Invoice Template for Excel contains two worksheets, with the Invoice itself in one worksheet tab. This way, you can edit the content and readily print it into as many copies as you would like.

The table is already complete with its built-in formula, so all you have to do is to type in your items, as well as the Date, Description, Item Number, Quantity, Unit Price, Discount, and Total. This itemized total will then have an Invoice Subtotal automatically computed against any Tax Rate, Sales Tax, Shipping, and Deposits received, among many others.

Standard Commercial Invoice for Many Types of Businesses and Products

You can access this free Excel template from the Office Online portal via the link given below.

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