Free Service Invoice Template For Excel

If you are a business owner involved in providing services to your customers, then you would need to give out service invoice as a record of transaction and services rendered. Some service industries that provide service invoice  include graphic design firms, interior decoration, repair services, consulting, medical, and other establishments.

Easily Customizable Service Invoice Template for Many Types of Businessses

Create a Standard Invoice

A standard service invoice is enough to record your transaction with a service establishment and serve as proof in case of any disputes or warranty obligations.

For your own convenience, Microsoft Online provides a beautifully and professionally designed Service Invoice Template that you can use for your own company, whatever service it is that you provide. This online template makes it easy for you to create an invoice even when you are on the go because you can easily access the template wherever and whenever. Simply open a browser on any of your mobile devices and login your Microsoft account on the portal and you are good to go.

Automatically Compute for Service Fees Using the Built-in Formula

Create Invoices From Any Device

This Free Service Invoice Template for Excel is also free to download if you want to modify it from your computer. This template contains bold red and black colors that still makes it sophisticated yet functional. This Free Service Invoice Template for Excel allows you to list the services you have rendered to specific customers and compute for the hourly rate of each service. The built-in formula within the template allows you to auto compute for totals of any flat fees or hourly rates, or even both, when necessary.

The template allows you to type in the name of your company, address and contact information. You can also indicate an invoice number, invoice date, and date due on the right hand side of the template. Other important invoice details are also included, such as the customer or recipient of the bill, address, contact information, and Invoice For, which is a statement of the purpose of the invoice.

Professional Service Invoice to Issue Your Customers

The template contains a table with columns for Date, Description, Rate per Hour, Hours Worked, Flat Fee, Discount, and Total. This way, you can indicate specific services and their corresponding fees. You can also add discounts and other adjustments which will then reflect on the Invoice Subtotal, minus any Deposit Amount, and the Total of the bill.  A note at the bottom of this Service Invoice Template gives payment methods and other directions, and any disclosures. You can change these up and further customize it for your own business.

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