Free Security PowerPoint Template

When it comes to securing sensitive data, the slightest bit of negligence can be costly. Then there are loopholes that can get unexpectedly exploited by malicious sources. This is why many organizations use strict security measures to protect valuable data. If you’re looking for a free security PowerPoint template to talk about topics like cyber security, forensic engineering, data protection, and biometric authentication, you can use the Free Palm Print 2 PowerPoint Template.

Suitable for Any Security Themed Presentation Topic

The opening slide of this free security PowerPoint template contains an illustration of a palm print identification system. The default background has a futuristic theme, which can be great for exploring various types of security themed presentation topics.

Free security PowerPoint template design

This presentation template has four sample slides, including the title slide. You can make use of the sample layouts to create custom slide designs according to need. The template offers generic layouts to ensure that the presenter can manipulate the sample content easily, according to the requirements of the presentation topic.

Free Cyber Security PowerPoint design

Futuristic Background Design

This free security PowerPoint template uses white text, amidst a green, futuristic background. This ensures that the added text is easily readable. Furthermore, since the background is quite subtle, you can be sure that your content will not be overpowered by a flashy backdrop.

Palm Print Slide design for PowerPoint

If you’re looking for a more elaborate PowerPoint theme, you can opt for the Animated Network Security PowerPoint Template or take a look at our list of the Best Security PowerPoint Templates. Alternatively, you can make use of the Palm Print 2 PowerPoint Template to create your presentations using a generic security themed layout, with a futuristic theme that can be easily used with a plethora of security, information technology, data protection and forensic investigation themed presentation topics.

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