Free Business Plan Template for Google Slides

Last updated on April 26th, 2023

Google Slides has been quickly gaining ground, however, there are still very few websites offering third-party Google Slides templates. This is why we thought it was best to provide our readers with reviews of Google Slides templates to help them find useful templates to fulfill their needs. Since many professional presenters require a more formal or business themed template, the Free Business Plan Template for Google Slides is a great template that can be used for covering a range of topics.

Open Template in Google Slides or Download as a PowerPoint File

This free template can be downloaded either as a PowerPoint file or you can open it directly in Google Slides. Just click Open in Google Slides, followed by Make a Copy to get started with this template.

Free Business Plan Template for Google Slides

Create Business Plans, Project Proposals & Official Presentations

This Google Slides template offers more than two dozen slides that come with a plethora of layouts to help you quickly create business plans, project proposals and other types of professional presentations. The good thing about this template is that it is so comprehensive that you will be able to quickly create a slide deck in Google Slides by simply adding some basic content; be it from a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Create a list in Google Slides

Wide Variety of Layouts with Diagrams, Icons & Maps

This template has a very wide scope in terms of the type of presentation topics you can use it with; which is why you can use it anytime for making professional looking slide decks on the fly.

Map Slide for Google Slides

The sample slides come with maps, icon sets, editable diagrams, text-heavy layouts, as well as slides suitable for making infographics, lists, product oriented slides, etc.

Icon set for Presentations in Google Slides

this template is available at, which provides dozens of free templates for Google Slides with professionally designed layouts.

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