How to Open PPT in Mobile

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

If you need to open your PowerPoint presentation on any Android device then there are multiple ways to do it. Here we will see a few alternatives to open presentations on Android devices such as smartphones or tablets.

This is a screenshot of the free PowerPoint for Tablets app available in Google Play
Use Android as a PowerPoint viewer

1. Install Office Mobile for Android or PowerPoint for Tablet

By installing the Office Mobile application by Microsoft from Google Play you can easily open your presentations on any Android device. It is available for smartphones and tablets and it is the official MS Office application by Microsoft Corporation. Go to Google Play to learn more.

There is another application provided by Microsoft Corporation that is oriented to PowerPoint presentations. You can find it on Google Play and its name is PowerPoint for Tablet. The main advantage of installing it is that you can also edit the presentations (not only view it) and this is a very powerful tool for distributed collaboration.

Google Slides is another great alternative to open presentations. It also let you open PDF and PowerPoint on any Android device and it is available via Google Play for free.

2. Save PowerPoint as PDF

Another way to open your slides on Android is by saving the PowerPoint presentation as PDF. You can save the PowerPoint deck as a PDF file (Portable-Document Format) and this is a format supported by many different devices and there are lot of available free software and apps that are capable of previewing and opening PDF files.

In Google Play you can also find free tools to open PDF. Adobe Reader is one of these tools quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports sharing.

Other tools supporting PDF on Android are Google Docs, Microsoft Office Mobile or even Foxit Mobile PDF.

3. Open PowerPoint in Dropbox

Some cloud platforms like Dropbox allow you to preview PowerPoint files. Dropbox app installed in your mobile can be used to how to open ppt files. You can use Dropbox to open and preview your presentations in Android or any other smartphone.

4. Save PowerPoint Slides as Images

If none of the previous options is an alternative for you, then you can consider to save the slides as images.

From PowerPoint go to File menu and then click Save As and in the save as type combo box choose JPG or PNG for maximum quality.

5. Convert PowerPoint to Video

Another option is that you convert your PowerPoint presentation to a video (MP4). This way, you can then save the presentation on any Android device and play the video using the built-in video player or any free video player such as VLC or BS Player.

Moreover, you can upload the presentation to Youtube and then use the Youtube application in your Android device to play the slideshow. The benefit of saving the PPT as a video is that you can preserve any transition or animation that was created in PowerPoint.

6. Use an Online PowerPoint Viewer

You can use presentation platforms and upload your presentation in PowerPoint or a PDF, then you can get a link to directly play the presentation or see the presentation slides in your favorite Android browser like Chrome. SlideShare is an example of these platforms, although since Microsoft acquired SlideShare they ruined the usability with a lot of advertising and paywalls.

Definitely opening PowerPoint on Android is possible and here we covered a few options that can let you open presentations in your smartphone or tablet with Android OS. If you have any other great productivity tip while working with presentations let us know and let’s open discussion.

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