Animated Cool Past Bright Future PowerPoint Template

editable slides with animations

Animated Cool Past Bright Future PowerPoint Template has a futuristic look with animated slides in grid like layouts. This general-purpose template can be used for a plethora of purposes by editing the customizable slides to your needs.

Free Abstract Grid PowerPoint Templates

Intricate Grid and Swirls Design for Futuristic Effect

Abstract grids represent technology, order, design and pattern. It represents the symmetry of a well-designed architecture, building, or software, among many others. If you belong in any of these fields, you know how important it is to create presentations that match your industry, while showing a breathtaking design that gives justice to your own content. 

Using The Ruler in PowerPoint 2013

Most modern presentations require the presenter to insert content from a variety of sources, be it websites or even a rough draft created in MS Word. This unfortunately creates a lot of problems related to the alignment of added content. Many new presenters are unaware of how easily you can fix your content adjustment woes …

How to Change the Grid Spacing in PowerPoint

If you want to align objects easily using PowerPoint drawing guides and grids then you may choose to adjust the default grid spacing used by Microsoft PowerPoint You can change the grid spacing options in the Grid and Guides settings dialog box under Grid settings group. You may change the increments of grid measurements for …

How to Make a Bi-Fold PowerPoint Template

Sometimes you may be interested to create a Bi-Fold PowerPoint Template for different purposes, for example to design a flyer, catalog, etc. The Seasonal Holiday card that we have introduced from Office website here and mentioned in the free Christmas PowerPoint templates is a good is a good example of bi-fold template that you can download for PowerPoint. …