3D Cone in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

We are trying to improve our design skills for PowerPoint templates and this aimed us to continuously look for new ways to make graphics and shapes using PowerPoint. Today we will show you how to make a realistic 3D Cone in PowerPoint using perspective and 3D Format Options.

3D Cone in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

The previous version of this 3d cone was really simple, but today we will make a more realistic cone.

For this purpose, we will use basic geometry shapes and then apply some nice 3D Graphic options and perspective in PowerPoint. Creating 3D Objects in PowerPoint like this realistic cone will be easy applying a few 3D properties.

First, let’s start drawing a simple 2D circle shape.

3d cone powerpoint

Then right click on the shape and access Format Options. Look for the 3D Rotation menu and click on Perspective Relaxed. This will help to add a simple perspective view to the object.

3d diagrams powerpoint

Now we are ready to make it more realistic. Go to 3D Format and add more depth to the object. In this case we have used 1500 pt instead of zero but you can try with different depth amounts.

3d cone ppt template

Finally, we got this nice 3D Cone in PowerPoint. You can repeat the steps to make other great graphics for example to use as a funnel diagram for your business presentations requiring some nice 3d diagrams. Don’t be afraid to test with other shapes rather than the circle, you can achieve other great results, especially if you test with the heart shape, the cloud shape, etc.

3d shapes