For Sale Flyer Template For Word

If you’re a business involved in selling products or providing services, you will benefit in making the public aware of what you have to offer. You can do this by creating flyers that you can post in various places in your city or community. These flyers should be attention-grabbing, informative, and engaging with a call to action.


For a beautiful, eye-catching flyer that will make your advert stand out as you generate more customers, you can use this ‘For Sale’ Flyer Template for Word. This template is great for informing the public and potential customers about the products or promos that you have. With its easy tear-off lines, you can easily have people get your number straight from the flyer so they can inquire further or even make a purchase.

Easily Customizable for Your Own Brand

The template features sample images and text that shows you how your own For Sale flyer would look like. Set in letter-sized paper, the template is dominated by a large sample image and large text that directly shows the public all the important details in the flyer. This information contains the item for sale and contact information. The text placeholders make it easy for you to modify the template by typing in your own information. Meanwhile, the tear-off tabs are already laid out on the side to allow people to tear of your contact information for their own reference. Simply cut on the dotted lines along the tear-off tabs for easy tearing.


This flyer template also has instructions on how to customize the flyer as well as how to change the photo with something of your products or services. You can also add your product logo and slogan on the template.

Save Money on Flyers from Third-Party Suppliers

With this flyer template, you can print as many flyers as you want, cutting you huge costs compared to having a third-party supplier to do the flyer design and print it. Almost anyone, from beginners to advanced Microsoft Word users, can create a flyer out of this template.


This sales flyer template is available online, so you can access it anytime using your device. It is also easy to modify even on the cloud so you can update it quickly for changes.

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