Father’s Day Card Template For Word

Fathers make the best role models for their kids, for the kind of person kids want to be in the future. Fathers, despite their rigid role before as breadwinners of the family, now take on a more flexible role as they are more hands on in the upbringing and care of their children.


Tell Your Father How You Love Him

Fathers play an active role to raise their children and they deserve a lot of credit that goes beyond the family conventions of the earlier eras. Therefore, celebrating Father’s Day is important so that mothers and children, the family in general, can show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication fathers have for their families.

The Father’s Day Card Template for Word is a free template that you can use to give out a Father’s Day card to your father. This card template is free and has a cute illustration design that is simple and perfect for fathers. The simple design allows you to focus more on your heartfelt message and even add your own picture with your father through the Insert Image option in Word.


Create Heartfelt Father’s Day Cards

The template easily fits a standard letter sized paper, and you can also choose to print this on any other kind of paper such as board paper so it will be more durable. You can also use many of our envelope templates available here so that you can give this out in envelopes.

The printer-ready design also allows you to just print as many copies as you need, write personalized handwritten notes, and just fold the card templates to size. Aside from inserting your own images with your father, you can also customize the illustrations in the template using the Artistic Effects and other options in Word.


This Father’s Day card template is compatible for most Word versions in use today, so you will have no problem using it.

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