Elegant Party Invitation Template For Word

If you’re into hosting parties at your home or at any other venue, or if you’re an event coordinator, then you know how event costs can easily add up. A smart event planner knows where to cut down on costs without sacrificing the memories and ambience of such special events. So if you want to cut down on some costs, you might want to look at your invitations and use this following template instead.The Elegant Party Invitation Template for Word is a beautiful and professional invitation template that you can use for your most special occasions.


From weddings, quinceneras, anniversaries, birthdays, or even fund-raising events, you can definitely find that this invitation template can help you save on costs.

Celebrate with this Party Invitation Template

This invitation template, while elegant and professionally done, is free. You can even use this as your go-to invitation template and just customize it to match your event themes.

This Party Invitation Template for Word contains two pages that are already pretty much a done deal. They are printer-ready, and with just a bit of editing, you can create invitations without a lot of hassle. This also allows you to print two envelopes at a time.


Easily Customizable Invitation Template

The first page has two sections, each for the two front pages. The background is crisp white, which suits any kind of paper, should you choose to have your invitations on various colors of specialized paper. There is elegant font that says “Celebrate” which can apply to most formal occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

The second page contains the details of the event, still in the same beautiful and elegant font styles. Here you can see that the template has placeholders where you can write your event intro, event title, date, venue name, time, programme, and RSVP details.


This free template also contains instructions on how you can copy your event details on the other side of the page, so you can still print two invites for each standard letter-sized paper.

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