ExamTime: Prepare For Exams By Making Mind Maps, Quizzes And Flashcards

ExamTime is a free web service which makes it possible for students and teachers to aid the learning process by creating and sharing Flashcards, notes and mind maps. E-learning has definitely changed gears and reached a point where it is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. What makes e-learning so attractive is the utility to use web apps for collaborative learning, easy access to all kinds of learning material and the convenience of learning something via innovative methods. This is why services like ExamTime are so useful. With the help of this service teachers can move away from mere PowerPoint slides for teaching students a new concept and make their custom mind maps, Flashcards and notes accessible to them via the web. Similarly, students can create their own learning material and share it with other friends for collaborative learning.


Getting Started With ExamTime

You can begin using ExamTime by either signing up with your email address or simply logging in with a Facebook account. During the sign up process you can even specify roles, i.e. whether you are a student, teacher, tutor or belong to some other category. ExamTime can be used by all kinds of people to collaborate and share educational content. Whether you are a teacher looking to share learning material with your students or need to group study via the internet, ExamTime has the resources to help you get started.

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Creating E-Learning Content With ExamTime

Once logged in you can use your Dashboard to invite friends, add new courses and create/share e-learning content. To create a new Mind Map, Flashcard, Quiz or Note, click the arrow icon from the top right corner to bring up the appropriate menu.

Create Flashcards, mind maps and quizzes

Benefits of Using Flashcards and Mind Maps For Students And Teachers

A good example of how services like ExamTime can help you make the most out of studies is the fact that it can be easier to keep certain ideas in mind by using Flashcards than reading through boring and lengthy literature. Using Examtime you can create and share anything from common text based notes to elaborate mind maps with showing an infographic of a specific concept or use quizzes and Flashcards to test your knowledge. Such a method of study can help teachers and students share helpful learning content and also make studying more fun. You can even share your created learning content with other friends to collaborate in your learning endeavors.

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Sharing And Saving Content With ExamTime

After you have created your educational content, it can be saved and shared using various options. For example, you can save the content in PDF format, embed it to a website or blog, use a sharing URL for online sharing and make the content Public for universal access. ExamTime even allows restricting access to your created content by making it Private.

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Creating A Goal With ExamTime

Other than the making of e-learning content, ExamTime also has a number of other useful features, such as the ability to create goals for your studies. You can learn about this feature from the video given below.

ExamTime is a completely free web service and currently has no paid packages. So whether you are looking to enhance your learning via handy online tools and collaboration features or are skeptical about how Flashcards, mind maps or online quizes might help your studies, maybe its time you tried these methods yourself by using ExamTime.

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