Animated Election PowerPoint Template

It’s nearly time for the US elections and you might be required to present your take on the election candidates taking part in the upcoming polls. Or maybe, you might require preparing a presentation for your own high school elections. Whatever the case may be, the Election Time Template for PowerPoint and Keynote can help you get a winning edge.

Animated Election Presentation Template

The opening slide starts with an animation of people waving their hands in the air at an election rally. You can use the animated version of this slide to start off with an impactful opening slide with your title and a custom logo. The slide is also available in static form, which also makes up for the second sample slide of this template.

Election time PowerPoint template

In the following slides you will be presented with various useful layouts depicting candidates, comparisons, tables, campaign signs and election clipart; which includes generic clipart and symbols depicting republican, democrat and independent candidates.

Candidate campaign animated slide

Compare Candidates and Parties Contesting Elections

You can use the comparison layout to compare candidates and political parties and to discuss pros and cons of each. There is also a sample pros and cons slide which can provide a good follow up to the comparison slide for analyzing voting trends, voters, race to the White House and might even be used for discussing elections being held in another country.

Candidate comparison slide

Present Information With Charts and Clipart

You can make use of the sample chart slides to create charts for presenting statistical information regarding your election related presentation topic.

Election chart slide

The clipart images in this template can help widen your choice for making diverse slides using a wide range of election related imagery, which resonates with not only the US elections but can be used quite universally for various election themed presentation topics.

Election clipart slide

Compare Global Election Trends

The template has ample scope for making slides with global election trends, including flag clipart, flag chart slide and a comparison page with multiple flags with textboxes below each flag to enter relevant information. Such sample content can also be useful if your presentation is related to elections of another country other than the United States.

Global election comparison chart

You can download the Election Time presentation template in Widescreen and Standard format for the following applications:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Election Time Presentation Template

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