Digitally signing documents can prevent them from being tampered with and help identify when someone might have attempted unauthorized use. There are a number of ways you can securely sign digital documents and the posts below provide some easy methods to help you do just that.

Learn all about digital signature, its application in digital documents and how you can use digital signatures to secure your important documents.

Use Custom Signatures for Different Recipients in Outlook

Create Custom Signatures

While there are upsides to technological advances, there are also downsides to it–especially if you’re unaware of the many helpful tools out there to make life easier for you. Take, for example, Custom Signatures for Outlook. This free app allows you to use custom signatures for Different Recipients in Outlook.

Electronic Signature Animated PowerPoint Template

Many of us use some sort of electronic signatures every day, be it a simple unlock of a smartphone or tablet or to verify a digitally signed document. The Animated Electronic Signature PowerPoint Template is a one of a kind template which can help you cover complex topics like electronic signature, user authentication, tablets and …

Sign your PowerPoint Presentations with HelloSign

HelloSign is a new service from HelloFax that allows you to sign your documents. The application can pull your documents including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, etc. from where you have them hosted in the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote) or upload from your hard drive in order to sign it digitally. Then you can send …

Sign Digital Signatures And Verify Their Integrity With XolidoSign

Digital or electronic signatures are used for authenticating the identity of the signer of a document or message sender and are used to detect any kind of tampering with the original file by a malicious source. XolidoSign is a free application which enables creating and verifying digital signatures for a variety of document types, including …