EasyPrompter: Free Teleprompter For Speeches And Presentations

Reading through a presentation script or speech can become quite easy if you have a teleprompter running in front of you. However, not everyone may be able to arrange a teleprompter for a presentation or speech. If you need a quick and easy method for turning your laptop, smartphone or tablet into an instant teleprompter, we have just the solution for you.

How To Turn Your Web Browser into a Teleprompter

EasyPrompter is a free web app which can turn any internet browser into a teleprompter, making it possible for you to instantly convert your computer, tablet or smartphone into a teleprompter. This means that not only can you read through your script conveniently but place a portable device in such a location that the audience may not even notice that you are reading from the screen of a portable device. For more details about the utility of a teleprompter, see our post about the Use of Teleprompter in Public Speaking And Presentations.

To start using this web app go to EasyPrompter, enter your script, adjust the font, starting speed and click Start Prompt.


Navigation Buttons For Managing Teleprompter

This will launch a screen from where you can read through your script by hitting the Play button. Before you start your script, you can use the navigation buttons to adjust the speed, edit the script and separate the navigation buttons from the prompter (in a new window).

Navigation Buttons For Managing Teleprompter

The navigation buttons include Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Slow, Speed Up, Detach Controller and Edit Script. You can also use various hotkeys to use the given navigation buttons. To see the designated hotkey for a function (e.g. Play, Stop or Rewind), hover your mouse over the button; this will reveal the hotkey combination for the specific function.

Free EasyPrompter Web App

Detach Controller To Separate Navigation Buttons

If you find the navigation buttons obtrusive and wish to detach them from the teleprompter, click Detach Controller button.

Detach Controller

While EasyPrompter is a free web app, you can also use the Pro version for additional features like the ability to save your scripts online, adjustable line spacing, an ads free interface and a movable eyeline indicator. EasyPrompter is also available in portable, offline format.

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