Using Teleprompter in Public Speaking and Presentations

Did you ever think why some people can deliver a presentation in front of audience while making a direct eye contact with them? Memorization and cue cards are amongst some of the most common methods that enable people to deliver a presentation confidently, but teleprompter is also a popular tool used for fulfilling this purpose. It is also used by Obama during his presentations!

Using Teleprompter in Public Speaking and Presentations

Teleprompter is a display device equipped with electronic visual text which prompts the person a visual text of speech being delivered. Presenter need not break his eye contact with the members of audience to look into the slides for presenting forthcoming ideas. Moreover, the audience may not ever know that they are reading the teleprompter.

This gadget has been developed with a motive to eliminate long practicing hours to memorize your speech before the actual presentation, although a quick rehearsal is always recommended.

Whether you are a CEO of a big company, business presenter or a public speaker, teleprompter will be of great help in influencing your audience. You won’t be nervous and can present your ideas with confidence and enthusiasm.

Role of teleprompter in public speaking

Teleprompter can be easily adjusted in any environment and hence prove to be a great tool for public speaking. It can be set above the head of audience which gives them an impression of direct eye contact.

A teleprompter app can be downloaded into Kindle Fire tablet device capable of tracking the elapsed time, adjusting font size as well as creating or editing a presentation. You can also use iPhone, iPad as well as Android tablets and devices.

Autocue for example has a nice application for iPhone named iPhone Teleprompter. By using the regular Autocue 7” mounting hardware, hood and glass, you can quickly and easily attach your iPhone in place of the traditional monitor to create an iPhone teleprompter. Autocue is the world’s leading teleprompter manufacturer, has offered iPhone teleprompting solutions since the launch of the iPhone, and today offers two solutions to cater for all camera and lens types, and budgets.

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Are you planning to make a video debut or online remote presentation? Teleprompter with a web cam can be your best friend in need. This device enables you to read a script before a camera so that you can focus well without being hesitant.

Bodelin has a product SeeEye2Eye that can help you to mount a teleprompter for your web cam in order to perform online meetings in front of your laptop or computer. See Eye 2 Eye works like a periscope. When you place this device over your computer’s webcam, a set of mirrors beams the picture of the person you’re talking to onto our optical grade beam-splitting glass, which sits in front of your webcam lens. You can see the reflected image while the other party isn’t even aware you’re looking at anything but your webcam.

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Steps to Use a video Prompter

1. Recite your lines before actual presentation

Go through the presentation script before the actual beginning so that you get comfortable with it and sound conversational during the actual shot.

2. During the presentation, focus on your work

Don’t be very formal or stumble over words while addressing the audience as this may leave a bad impression. Calm down and read with a smile. Also make sure that you do not look to be pretending.

Benefits of Using Teleprompter for a live event

Timely completion of event

Scripted presentation always tends to finish on time if no technical problem comes as a barrier.

Evaluate your performance

This device acts as a valuable milestone for monitoring the performance of the presenter.

Maintains a proper sync

It helps in imparting accurate results and assists people in maintaining a proper synchronization with work.

So, go on speak comfortably in front of public and present your topic in a well organized manner.