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Accounting tasks often require the use of applications like MS Excel, MS Access, Intuit QuickBooks and even PowerPoint  presentations containing accounting data. However, the use of these applications can appear inadequate and too complex for a small enterprise. LiteAccounting is a web service that makes accounting tasks easier. It allows creating and sending professional invoices, as well as receiving payments and saving billing information for clients. As LiteAccounting is a web service, you don’t have to worry about creating a backup for your documents. Furthermore, all your data and accounting information can be accessed from any devices connected to the internet.


LiteAccounting has different packages that can be selected according to your requirements. The free version allows adding unlimited products/services, emailing or printing invoices (in PDF format), creating unbranded invoices and emails, within a secure SSL connection. Whereas, using the Bronze ($10 per month), Silver ($15 per month) or Gold ($25 per month) package you can work with customer statements, branded invoices with logos, recurring invoices and get paid by clients using PayPal.

Lite Accounting Dashboard

It is worth mentioning here that the free version is limited to just 2 invoices per month, whereas the Bronze version is limited to 50 invoices per month. The Silver package allows 100 invoices per month and the Gold package provides the option to create unlimited invoices. After you signup and login to your account, you can instantly add and manage products and services, customers and invoices from your Dashboard.

Products and services

LiteAccounting can be used to save entire customer databases by adding detailed information such as the clients name, job title, email, phone number(s), address and billing information.

If you wish to test out the LiteAccounting platform before deciding to use it as a replacement for the conventional software which may be used at your company, then you can start by using the free version to test drive the various features of this service. The best thing about this web service is that despite allowing users to add detailed information for their business data, the service is extremely simple to use and has very basic options that can be used to fulfill the needs of any small business.

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