Creative Presentation Ideas for PowerPoint

Regardless of field, age or designation people often need to give presentations and you all know sometimes repeatedly giving presentation in same way become quite boring, isn’t it? So, what can we do to make our presentation interesting and catchy?

Creative Presentation Ideas for PowerPoint 2010

People try several techniques, like sometimes they use dramatically animated slides, add humor, add audio video aids and so on but most of the times these efforts don’t prove sufficient. If you also have same trouble try these creative presentation ideas.

Get Thematic

Your presentation must have a general concept around which your presentation revolve. And avoid using themes that can also be used in high schools or the default PowerPoint templates that are used in 90% of presentation. You can make unique presentations by using custom designed templates (free PPT Templates) following your corporate visual identity or buy premium PowerPoint templates.


People love to participate in quizzes especially when prizes and rewards are involved. You can also promise a prize for most attentive listener this will raise the attention level of listeners throughout your presentation. So, before starting question answer session you must begin a short quiz session. And yes, don’t forget to give promised prizes to your audience. You can add quizzes to your PowerPoint presentations or well integrate Quizzes in Twitter and then embed to PowerPoint using SAS Twitter tools.

Invite anyone from the audience to participate

For successful presentation audience participation is must. Even if it is your business presentation you can invite any client, dealing with you from a long time. This will not only improve your PR but also influence your reputation in the market for being a consumer friendly organization.

Change pace

Breaking continuity of your keynote with slides having pictures only is a good idea or you can also insert slides having multimedia like audio and video clips. Because sometimes merely speaking on slides becomes dry and your audience may loose the interest from your presentation. Thus, this is the best way to wake up your clients.

Conclude your message

After giving presentation you must ask your audience, if they need  more detail? And conclude your message in simple take-away manner in last minutes so that listeners could retain your message.

Something to remember

For keepsake provide your audience a simple metaphor. A presentation can’t be consider as best unless it doesn’t have three factors S, E, C, where S= Story, E= Evidence and C= Creatively told.

Here we are discussing few ideas to add zing to PowerPoint presentation:


It is a useful and overrated feature for making your presentation live but if overdone can distract audience attention from content. Besides that, there are nice and well-designed animated PowerPoint templates that you can download to use for your presentations.

Fancy Templates:

Microsoft offer dazzling templates for creating vibrant slides and almost every template diverts audience attention.


It is necessary and recommended to use decent and normal font for your context. Instead of using dramatic font for important points highlight them in other way like you can use bullets or some sort of highlighter for that.


Inserting screen beans that depict activity is a bad idea, avoid punching bulk of such activities. You can learn more about how to use cliparts in PowerPoint and also how to embed full slide images to your presentations.

These techniques for creative presentation ideas in PowerPoint may help you in a great way, if implemented properly.

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